Our main business branch is environmental technology, planning, expert assessment, in which field we are providing the following services:


  • preparation and authorization for Preliminary Report Documentation
    • preparation and authorization for Environmental Impact Assessment
    • comprehensive preparation and authorization of Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control
    • execution and authorization of comprehensive or partial environmental revisions
    • comprehensive environmental revision, audit of land uses, company seats, industrial activities
    • execution of environmental duties and tasks relating to liquidation of industrial activities
  • preparation, monitoring, and securing of legal compliance as well as administrative permits, and the administration thereof in regards waste management permits (gathering, collection, transport, collection via transport, pretreatment, treatment, disposal, storage, use) of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
    • preparation of environmental reports (waste, ground water, air)
    • preparation of partial or whole municipal and territorial plans
    • expert advice and administration of environmental and waste management matters in comprehensive manner
    • providing services of environmental officers (Analyzing the company from environmental perspective; assessment of its legal compatibility, making suggestions thereabout, monitoring of legal environment; preparing and submitting of official reports; preparing and authorization of environmental permit requests)
  • preparation and authorization of fact-finding plans
    • comprehensive execution of fact-finding works including relevant accredited sampling, expert advice, preparation and administrative authorization of fact-finding final documentation, as well as administration thereof
    • preparation and authorization of Technical intervention plans
    • preparation and administrative authorization of Technical intervention final documentation
  • accredited environmental sampling: ground, underground water, surface water, lake- and riverbed, waste
    •  Environmental management system consultation based on MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015 (ISO EN 14001:2015) standard
    • preparation and administrative authorization of establishing, continuation, and operational plans based on water legislation
    • surface and ground water monitoring activity: planning, authorization, operation of existing monitoring systems, accredited sampling, preparation of annual expert reports, relevant official administration
    • wastewater discharge monitoring activity: planning, authorization, operation of existing monitoring systems, accredited sampling, preparation of annual reports
    • planning and authorization of storage and treatment of potentially polluted rainwater
    • execution of well hydraulics and leakage study calculations
    • modelling for spreading of pollutants, hydraulic modelling
    • preparation of water resource defense plans, allocation of protection areas
    • preparation of water damage control plan
    • preparation of geological and hydrological expert reports
    • preparation of resource research (pebble, sand etc.), summary reports


  • preparation and authorization of demolition plans for buildings and establishments
    • assessment of building damages, preparation of expert report
    • assessment of humidity and moisture in buildings, preparation of expert report, planning of damage control
    • Area characteristics and detailed geomechanics inspection
    • execution of building hydrologic investigations, determining estimated groundwater level maximum
    • determining the effect civil engineering structures have on rising ground water level, with the use of computer modelling
    • designing of complex regional waste management centrals
    • designing of waste collection stations
    • designing of waste collection yards
    • designing of waste collection islands
    • Permit plan, tender plan, execution plan
    • recultivation of old, closed waste disposal facilities
    • comprehensive design for mechanical-biological waste management (sorting, shredding, aging)
    • designing of composting plants
    • designing of waste-sorting hall
    • designing of hazardous-waste collection and storage facilities


Environmental damage control

  • comprehensive fact-finding
  • comprehensive execution of the Technical Intervention Plan for damage control
  • post-monitoring of damage control