Business manager – Environmental architecture:
Nagy György
+36 1 204 77 68/104

Environmental architecture

Our office focuses on the preparation, planning, authorization, construction management, implementation and operation of establishments offering various environmental services. A good working business relation with European manufacturers and distributers having a name in the industry ensures the use of high-end technological solutions in our operations. Our tasks include amongst others the complex management of the implementation of the establishments listed in the indicative list below:

Every element of a modern waste management system
• waste collecting islands
• waste yards
• transfer stations
• sorting facilities
• composting, draining, drying facilities
• etc.

Waste recovery and disposal endpoints
• waste disposal and storage facilities
• waste treatment, sterilizer, packager
• thermic waste management facilities, converters
• industrial and municipal waste incinerators, vaporizers
• waste recycling or recovery facilities

Extraction and utilization of alternative and renewable energy sources:
• small biomass energy plants

  • geothermic power plants
    • energy centers producing bio fuels
    • depony gas utilization

Our main references can be explored in our interactive map!